GreenRiders is the smart way to get around. It is a travel platform that provides an effective, trusted, and socially rewarding way for people to decrease the amount of carbon emissions created through personal transportation such as private vehicle, taxi and rental car rides. It’s the “missing link of public transportation”.

GreenRiders’ mission is to create innovative, reliable, and cost-effective software solutions in partnership with businesses with the shared goal of improving peoples’ lives, combining social responsibilities, and achieving personal fulfilment. The service is active in Finland with a view to go international. Go Go GreenRiders!

Think and create ways how to use the service provided by GreenRiders in the customer segment. The team needs to define the potential customers for whom the service can be useful, and how. Where in Europe there would be clear user case for GreenRiders and give recommendation how to implement the solution to that place. No need to make money with this. Just create a use case how GreenRiders can solve transportation problems when there is a need.

Key points:


  • find a new market segment
  • create marketing strategy to attract
  • Social media
  • Cooperation between many parties (Cities, media etc..)