Jusoor: Empowering Syrian Youth

About Jusoor

Jusoor is an international NGO with innovation in programming and organization at its core. Founded organically by a group of Syrian expatriates before the war, Jusoor has grown into a medium sized organization, with an annual turnover at around 1.5 million USD.

The organization is made up of Syrian expatriates helping Syrian youth realize their potential through programs in the fields of education, career development, and global community engagement. As a community of Syrians living around the world working together to launch programs that benefit the Syrian community inside and outside Syria. We are committed to supporting the country’s development and drawing on the vast talents and experience of our global members to overcome the challenges the country faces.

Learn more about Jusoor here: https://jusoorsyria.com

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. How can Jusoor utilize the power of student groups, to fundraise and lobby universities to support Jusoor in increasing geographic reach and number of scholarship partnerships?

a. Identify examples of student groups who have lobbied their university to accept scholars, and or have fundraised for scholarships in the past (Jusoor can suggest a few to start)

b. Develop a comprehensive strategy for Jusoor to connect (and form if needed) student groups to meet the organization’s strategic goals

c. Suggest locations, universities and contacts to initiate the program

i. Analyze and make recommendations on the resources needed in order to make this program a success

ii. Work with head of scholarships to define strategically relevant Universities to target

d. Create a roadmap at the operational level with the step-by step implementation guide for the roll out of this plan

2. How can Jusoor restructure their board to meet the organization’s geographic and operational needs.

a. Map the strategic of needs on the Jusoor board, and the locations where having a board member would be beneficial

b. Suggest ideal candidate profiles and suggest outreach strategies for future recruitment which meet criteria

c. Develop an onboarding plan with an aim to curate high performing board members

d. Develop mentoring plan for new board members to be matched with previous board members