Ubuntu Group: Growing Newcomers into Entrepreneurs

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu translates as “humanity” from zulu, which perfectly reflects the main goal of the fresh initiative by Andrea Terzaghi, a passionate CEMS alumnus from ESADE, to give entrepreneurial opportunities to refugees who come to Europe from Iraq, Syria and Palestine. The new entity will be incorporated as a Swiss-based non-profit organization, and is currently defining its setup: ideally, it will be a blend of co-working and co- living space, including hostel service, for the newcomers to effectively integrate into the new culture and contribute their skills. Most refugees demonstrate wide range of experiences which could be valuable in the new country, but they need a suitable environment to transition and develop further.

Ubuntu aims to develop a social entrepreneurship platform to sustainably and effectively integrate refugees in the European soil. The first city to be implemented will be Palermo, Italy, due to the high number of immigrants, the promising figures of the touristic sector, and the wide mirror of development and innovation opportunities.

Project Definition

Ubuntu Group is at very early stages of business development, which is an amazing opportunity for consultants to dive right in and help the client find a suitable business model and financial plan.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Create a business model for Ubuntu given the market conditions and opportunities

a. Analyze the gaps in the Italian job market for the refugees to fill

b. Analyze similar organizations and their business setups (examples are provided by the client)

c. Recommend an “incubator” business model that fits the market conditions and serves the newcomers needs

2. Develop a financial plan and fundraising strategies for Ubuntu’s early stages

a. Evaluate Ubuntu’s financial goals and business objectives

b. Recommend a funding options for Ubuntu to support the selected business model in the next 3 years

c. Prepare a PowerPoint investor deck for Ubuntu to incorporate in future presentations