RetroBrain: When therapy meets fun

About RetroBrain

RetroBrain uses innovative gaming approaches to solve challenges in medical care and therapy. Focusing on the elderly, rehabilitation of the brain and particularly on people suffering from Alzheimer’ s disease, RetroBrain combines scientifically proven methods to improve mental and physical health through innovative and fun-to-play video games. Due to an aging population, dementia is one of the biggest medical challenges of the 21st century and according to recent studies, more German citizens are afraid of suffering from dementia than from cancer. RetroBrain aims to break the stigmatization of this disease while alleviating or even preventing illness, while creating positive experiences for elderly citizens on a recurring basis. Moreover, RetroBrain’s solutions are to be adapted for neuro/stroke rehabilitation programmes.

RetroBrain has developed a video game platform named MemoreBox - an innovative pilot project currently used in selected nursing homes in Hamburg. With this digital medium, seniors can equally promote their mental and physical ability, as it requires gestures to control lifelike computer-based training programs (bowling, postman and motorcycle riding). The MemoreBox can be connected to any standard TV. It is controlled solely by body movements, which are recorded by a special camera. For example, virtual bowling requires only light arm and body movement to roll the ball on the bowling alley. The video games are fun, easy to perform and become a collaborative experience.

You can learn more about RetroBrain here:

Project Definition

NGC consultants have already provided RetroBrain with valuable recommendations on distribution and pricing strategy at its early stages back in 2015. In this follow up project, the client would like the team to develop a roadmap targeting potential investors to help take RetroBrain to the next level.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. With the client’s guidance, deep dive into RetroBrain product portfolio

2. Develop a strategic roadmap for RetroBrain, including its internationalization options and strategy (B2B, B2B2C, etc.)

a. Research the industry within the DACH area and define potential growth opportunities, propose other EU markets (Nordic region, Benelux countries, France) for RetroBrain to enter and suggest most relevant modes of entry

3. Draft financial planning for different scenarios based on the proposed markets of 2a.

4. Summarize the collected data in a Power Point deck targeting potential investors, different versions for different types (impact-driven, strategic (coming from healthcare or nursing home operators), VCs, etc).

a. Interview shareholders and current investors to gain their perspectives (contacts will be provided by the client)

b. Interview partners and stakeholders to gain information on all points above, if necessary (contacts will be provided by the client)