New Austrian Coding School: Empowering with Code

About New Austrian Coding School

New Austrian Coding School is a Vienna-based startup founded in 2016. Starting out as refugees{code}, NACS seeks to help refugees find better job opportunities in the Austrian job market by offering a 9-month programming and coding course, and directly places graduates into the workforce with their partner companies. Following an overwhelming success rate of over 90% job placements in their initial cohorts, NACS decided to scale their impact. In the summer of 2018, they changed their name to New Austrian Coding School and stretched their target group. Now they enable unemployed people (which still includes refugees) to re-enter the job market by teaching them programming and digital skills, increasing their chances of landing a high paying job.

New Austrian Coding School is a programming school for everyone. The company’s goal is to empower people through sustainable integration into the job market and hopes to scale their program throughout Austria.

You can learn more about New Austrian Coding School here:

Project Definition

Following two pilots in Autumn 2017, NACS started their first nine-month program with 20 people. The program ended in June 2018 with a 95% placement rate and a 0% dropout rate. Since October 2019, the second nine-month program is currently ongoing with 29 participants, 11 of which are female. NACS requires consultants to create a comprehensive two-year local expansion strategy.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Assess viability of local expansion for four cities in Austria – Graz, Linz, Salzburg & Dornbirn

a. Detailed market research (number of refugees with a high school degree, unemployment rate, open job positions for software developers, IT companies located in that city).

b. Competitor analysis (what are the options to learn programming in that city?)

c. Contextual receptiveness (political party, digitalization within the current focus, open fornew innovative things, how many studies at university are about learning programming)

2. Recommend expansion target based on findings & develop a strategic roadmap for a two-year expansion

a. Which cities are suitable in principle for expansion? (expansion yes or no only)

b. Which city would you expand first and why?