Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y)

About Life Project 4 Youth & the Life Project Centers

There are currently 1.2 billion Youth aged between 15 and 24. 550 million of them are living below the poverty threshold of $2 a day. Life Project 4 Youth is an organization that strongly believes Young People facing extreme poverty are capable of becoming great entrepreneurs if someone gives them a smile, a supporting work, room to grow, and trust.

LP4Y was founded by a group of European (France, Belgium & Luxemburg) and US entrepreneurs who took on a challenge to set up “Life Project Centers” (LPC) near slum areas in Philippines, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

LP4Y has developed a unique Professional Training for Entrepreneurs (PTE) program, which provides the selected underprivileged Youth with an opportunity to join the 18-month integration ecosystem, and to receive coaching and mentoring from the LP4Y volunteers, as well as professional partners and universities.

Once a Young Adult has been accepted by a coach, he or she is invited to join a team of 15 others, working together on a micro-economic activity. By means of the micro-economic activities developed by each LPC, combined with a specially adapted pedagogy, the Young Adults work as a team on the creation, development and management of a business. The PTE journey is a demanding program structured around three pillars of Working, Learning, and Guidance, and is divided into four successive stages: Autonomy, Responsibility, Management, and Entrepreneurship. This apprenticeship gives them the keys to managing their own lives and escaping exclusion to achieve a decent existence (employment, accommodation, good health, and education).

LP4Y currently operates Life Project Centers in 16 cities across Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India.

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Project Definition

Approaching its 10 th anniversary, LP4Y has shown the ability to create a successful movement with a streamlined, innovative approach that has been replicated numerous times. In our fourth collaboration with LP4Y, NGC is tasked to help LP4Y define a scalable strategy for the next 10 years. This strategy will be presented to the French government and other investors.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Assess past performance and determine future best practices by leveraging LP4Y’s stakeholder base and analyzing key insights from existing reports.

a. Create a survey to extract stakeholder outlook on experiences during the past years, organizational strengths and weaknesses, and view on opportunities and threats they perceive for 2019-2029

b. Gather further insights by interviewing LP4Y employees and analyzing key insights from past reports

2. Consolidate findings in a streamlined report that will be presented to LP4Y board members, and leveraged for a second follow-up project by NGC this summer