Haute Baso: Women Empowerment through Ethical Fashion

About Haute Baso

Haute Baso is an ethical fashion brand for the modern individual looking for thoughtful, simple and functional designs. The brand was established in March 2014 by two Rwandan designers with four female artisans and has since grown to collaborations with 275 artisans, 202 of whom being women.

The company recognized the potential of young women by offering them training and employment - an investment which results in skill development at a fair wage and within a safe environment. Collaboration through design and production with talented artisans to create high quality "Made in Rwanda" apparel, accessories and home decor pieces enables preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

Haute Baso centered around the belief that “two heads are better than one” using fashion as a vehicle for positive change towards the empowerment of women and youth who are integral to its value chain while contributing to preservation of culture in Rwanda. It draws inspiration from the vibrant culture to collaborate and merge traditional methods with new techniques to create pieces that are timeless. This philosophy exemplifies the modern African fashion industry’s outlook on combining sustainability, technology, modern design and African craftsmanship to produce beautifully made, ready to wear fashion & accessories.

To this end, Haute Baso took part in co-design sessions with SPRING's partner San Francisco-based fuse project, and engaging Girl Hub Rwanda, to construct a professional training program for 15-21-year-old young women in 2015. Most of the women working with Haute Baso are the sole breadwinners of their households; therefore, this partnership enables them to feed, educate, and provide healthcare for their loved ones and ultimately reduce the long-term cycle of poverty.

Learn more about Haute Baso here: http://www.hautebaso.com/

Project Definition

While Haute Baso is well established in the local markets, the company would like NGC Consultants to look for expansion opportunities and develop a financial plan for a market entry.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Develop a market entry strategy for Haute Baso to enter one of the African countries:

a. Evaluate African ethical fashion market and define the criteria for market selection

b. Recommend top 3 markets to enter based on those criteria

c. Develop a suitable entry mode strategy for one of the highest potential markets

d. Identify potential partners in the chosen market and the best way to approach them

2. Evaluate the financial side of the market entry and create a financial plan for Haute Baso:

a. Analyze the crucial cost drivers for the suggested entry mode

b. Calculate the required investment that Haute Baso needs to consider while entering the chosen market