GECO: Green Energy Company for growth into a sustainable future

About GECO

GECO was founded by Nazim Hajiyev in 2018 driven by the core values and commitment to protect the environment and benefit the community. GECO strives to become a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure powered by renewable energy to support large-scale expansion of zero emission EV transport in Georgia and other countries. The company focuses on the exponentially growing sectors, including renewable energy and electric vehicles. GECO has defined ambitious short-term goals for itself, which includes launching a local production of EV chargers in the next 2 years.

GECO’s long-term plan is to expand its business model based on Green Energy into several countries in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia with closest targets being Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and the UAE.

Following thorough market analysis, the managing team decided to start applying the business model in the small state of Georgia, an ex-Soviet republic that has become the best example of successful conversion from an autocratic socialist state into a modern capitalist democratic republic.

Project Definition

GECO has a potential of becoming a leading EV charging network in Georgia. It currently plays an active role in preparation of a government strategic roadmap on mass adoption of EVs in Georgia, which requires extensive research on international cases backed up with relevant data.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Conduct secondary data on EV market and charging networks growth

a. Select countries with varying EV market growth rates for further analysis (client’s regions of interest are the countries of EU, USA, China)

b. Collect statistical data on existing and planned EV charging networks, EV charger producers and planned EV charging initiatives from governments and large corporates.

2. Collect data on relevant EV-related incentives enforced by governments

3. Summarize the collected data in a Power Point deck in an informative and visual way