The Young Republic - for more inclusive society

The Young Republic is an award-winning youth organization, aiming to empower young refugees and foster their democratic participation, civic engagement and social inclusion in their new communities in Europe. It is registered in Sweden as a non-governmental organization since January 2015 and carried its activities in Sweden and 7 other European countries, working with young refugees, host communities, and decision-makers, and reaching more than 500 beneficiaries.

The work is carried out by members on a voluntary basis. TYR are thankful for the dedication and commitment of the members in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, the UK, and Portugal.

Project Definition

Currently, The Young Republic is a volunteer-based organization with no full-time staff. The organization’s goal is to achieve long-term financial sustainability and drive expansion and growth. The team sees it by moving forward with both fundraising and extensive partnerships’ network.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

  1. Develop a comprehensive relevant business model to make TYR a financially independent body, while remaining grass-root activism movement and not-for profit organization

a.       Analyze similar organizations and their best in the region practices in fundraising and partnership programs

b.       Bring and adapt best practices in fundraising management to TYR

c.       Create a roadmap at the operational level with the step-by step implementation guide for the TYR members

  1. Set up an extensive network of partnerships and sponsors in Europe

a.       Identify partnership practices and possible network expansions, including international organizations that could increase the visibility of TYR in Europe

b.       Outline relevant criteria for partner selection, suggest several partners and their points of interest

c.       Analyze and suggest cooperation activities with student associations, including the social media campaigns with the emphasis on involving the Swedish locals

The managing team of TYR will incorporate your recommendations when operational, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.

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