Project E: Education Empowers

PROJECT-E: Education Empowers 

PROJECT-E is a German NGO with the mission to empower young Ethiopian women through access to quality training, which is to support the selected girls in gaining the necessary professional and personal skills to become independent and confident women, contributing to the development of the Ethiopian economy and society. PROJECT-E has been working in Ethiopia since 2010, when the organisation started the co-implementation of its first project: a college for secretarial science, providing free education and financial and social support to a group of selected young girls. After five years of co-establishment, this first project was successfully handed over to the local partner organisation, Selam Children ́s Village, who is now operating the college on its own. During the partnership with PROJECT-E the success rate of the project, measured in the number of graduate students employed in the local labour market, has always been 100%, which encouraged the student based organisation to launch a new project.

The idea of establishing a quality hotel school arose in 2014. As one of the fastest growing industries in the country, the hospitality sector seemed to be a promising sector for graduating girls. Furthermore, the adaption of the standard of the newly developed sector to international requirements was a challenging factor for all stakeholders involved. Through the discussion with many representatives from the industry and the academia, PROJECT-E quickly identified four main gaps: practical training, communication skills, attitude and hygiene. PROJECT-E‘s Hospitality Institute, which opened its doors in October 2015, allows 20 young women from low-income families to join the program on yearly basis. The two-years education program is based on the Ethiopian Occupational Standard for Hotel Operation Level 1 and 2, but topped up with input from international hotel schools, hotel managers and guests. Accommodation, food, medical allowances and pocket money is provided to the students, to encourage a focused learning environment.

Project Definition

NGC consultants has successfully delivered their recommendations in Spring 2018., which included the crowdfunding approach to gain exposure and fundraise. In this follow up project, PROJECT-E would like to dive deeper into this direction to turn the idea into reality.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.       Develop an original crowdfunding campaign for PROJECT-E

a.       Clarify PROJECT-E UVP to effectively influence the target audience to support the organization and raise funds

b.       Research different types of crowdfunding (including the platforms used) and select the most effective ones for PROJECT-E

c.       Analyze successful crowdfunding campaigns launched by similar organizations for best practices

d.       Create an original campaign with the materials ready for implementation, including the campaign description, social media posts, email templates etc.

The managing team of PROJECT-E incorporate your recommendations when operational, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.

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