Centro Comunitário

Centro Comunitário: Changing Lives and Creating Opportunities

The Carcavelos Parish Community Center was founded in 1981, by Father Aleixo Cordeiro and, throughout its history, the it has been seeking local solutions to different emerging social problems. The centre’s goal is to find appropriate answers to the social needs of the community, promoting its development and social wellbeing. Centro Comunitário has created projects for children, seniors, addicts, families in need, immigrants, unemployed people and the general community itself.

Throughout the year, the centre has engaged 350 children, from 6 to 12 years old, in the afterschool care, study support projects, leisure time activities, during both school periods and holidays. There have been 3700 aid sessions organized for the community, families, elderly and the unemployed. There are also around 80 homeless people currently being assisted and 12 individuals housed by the Residential Site. These are only very few numbers revealing the impact of the Centre’s work. Over three decades Centro Comunitário has been changing lives – creating opportunities, connecting people, and providing resources and support.

Learn more about the organization here http://www.centrocomunitario.net/

Project Definition

Centro Comunitário is looking for effective ways to raise awareness about the organization and its meaningful community work. This way, the center will attract potential sponsors and more volunteers to contribute to its sustainable growth.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Develop a plan for Centro Comunitário to successfully attract individual and institutional donors

a. Analyze similar organizations and evaluate their best practices in fundraising management

b. Clarify the center’s mission and values and determine to message to influence potential donors to contribute their resources

c. Recommend a comprehensive fundraising strategy targeting both individuals and institutions

d. Propose ideas for fundraising campaigns

2. Develop a social media and communications strategy for Centro Comunitário to gain more exposure in the community and beyond

a. Evaluate the center’s current marketing and communications practices and suggest ways to improve

b. Collect most effective social media tactics and campaigns from similar organizations and adapt them to Centro Comunitário

c. Propose an actionable social media plan for Centro Comunitário to implement in the next 6 months

The managing team of Centro Comunitário incorporate your recommendations when operational, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future

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