Getting out by going in

GOGI – Preparing today’s prisoner to be tomorrow’s neighbour

Courts and correctional institutions in the United States are overwhelmed with the problem of prison overpopulation and the revolving door of incarceration. Formal education, self-help programs, and job training are important, but without addressing the core cultural beliefs and resulting behaviors, the underlying problem of crime will remain.  Getting Out by Going In (GOGI) was founded in 2002 when (then psychology student) Dr. "Coach" Taylor began volunteering with a small group of Federal Prisoners at FCI Terminal Island in San Pedro, California, USA. The prisoners were asked what it would take for them to be "successful" when they were sent home. Since then, GOGI evolved as a positive prison cultural movement and continues its organic and viral growth.


GOGI is a positive cultural movement created by prisoners for other prisoners that serves as an alternative to the violence and crime rampant in U.S. prisons. Offered in cost-effective programming in formats such as in-cell self-study courses, or correspondence courses, GOGI programming supports the positive decision-making of the U.S. prison population and better prepares them for success upon their release. Institutions purchase GOGI ‘programming’ and provide prisoners with in-cell courses, GOGI Group programs, leadership training and peer mentorship certification programs. Families and the loved ones ask prison officials to offer GOGI POWER UP meetings or formal GOGI programming to prisoners.

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Project Definition

GOGI currently relies on 100% volunteerism and specific programs rely entirely on grant funding – the donated funds go directly to subsidizing materials purchased by prisoners or their families, making them affordable and trustworthy for the users. Grant funds are used for the specific purpose mandated by the grant agreement.

As the GOGI culture starts spreading beyond the US borders, the organization is considering potential international expansion and adapting its business model and marketing efforts accordingly.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.       Recommend a suitable business model and effective fundraising ideas

a.       Analyze similar organizations which have succeeded in global expansion, evaluate their business models and funding strategies. Model to consider is the Alcoholic Anonymous organization (AA), which empowers the community served to remain self-sustaining while following specific and clearly outlines policies and procedures.

b.       Research relevant laws for GOGI to protect its intellectual property (books and materials), when going internationally. Model to consider is the AA model which permits low-cost purchase or licensing of printing rights of their materials which are not permitted to be altered.

c.        Propose GOGI a business model with an integrated fundraising scheme with a focus on community support for a self-sustaining culture.

2.       Develop a social media strategy, considering GOGI’s potential international expansion plans with a focus on culture over program.

a.       Clarify GOGI’s value proposition and evaluate its current marketing practices

b.       Collect best practices from secondary research and adapt them to GOGI’s needs

c.        Propose a social media plan catered towards the target audience (prisoners and their families) as well as future sponsors

The managing team of GOGI will incorporate your recommendations when operational, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.