BEAD - Positive Energy

BEAD – Turning Buildings into Ecosystems

Positive Energy (previously known as Collective Energy) was founded in July 2014 by three engineers based in Turkey and Germany, who were united by a passion for making a difference within the energy sector. Today, Positive Energy offers commercial buildings owners the disruptive solution to save energy and cost, while getting the same quality level via operating the buildings with BEADs' AI (Building’s Energy Analysing Device). With the help of BEAD, the buildings will have a smart energy agent that works and manages the building 24/7. BEAD analyses how commercial buildings consume energy according to human behaviour patterns, occupancy ratios and ambience/environmental changes. The data collected is directed to the automation system as a real-time feedback. As a result, BEAD will be the first step towards “humanlessly” operated buildings: buildings that will wake up when you wake up, communicate and live with you, and sleep when you sleep. As a result, commercial buildings can achieve 15-20% energy savings and 10% of operations costs, which will certainly add points to the socially responsible goals. The Positive Energy team views buildings as living ecosystems rather than static assets, which have a high potential of becoming eco-friendly and sustainable.

The company currently serves countries in MENA and EU regions, which are estimate to have over 7 million of commercial buildings together. The target groups are commercial chains, including the supermarkets, banks, retailers, and hotels, which together are valued at 3.5 billion USD in market size. In the next few years, the team would like to enter markets in Nordic countries, Germany, Austria, the UK, and the UAE.

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Project Definition
To optimize energy efficiency in commercial buildings, BEAT generates vast amounts of data in real-time, including heat, humidity, occupancy rates, motion, air pressure and CO2 levels etc. This extremely valuable data could be further applied in such areas like operations, security, and urban planning. Where should BEAT dive into first? Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.       Analyze the Big Data landscape and research the following questions:

a.       What are the big data and data analytics future trends?

b.       What is the value of the big data and how is it monetized?

c.       Please provide the examples of the big data transforming business models

2.       Provide the recommendation for BEAD on leveraging its growing big data

a.       Evaluate and classify the types of data generated at BEAT and propose the areas where they would be most valuable

b.       Propose several business models to leverage the data generated by BEAD

The managing team of Positive Energy will incorporate your recommendations when strategic, tactical and operational decisions are to be made in the near future.