Nazava Water Filters is a social enterprise based in Bandung, Indonesia. Since its start back in 2009, Nazava has provided more than 400,000 people with the access to safe drinking water in more than 50 locations in Indonesia, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Nazava’s mission is to become the Indonesian premier provider of safe and affordable water filters. The company focuses on marketing the best available technology at the lowest possible price, catering to the low to middle income households. According to the statistics every year six out of 1,000 children younger than five die of water-related diseases in Indonesia. The most popular ways of obtaining safe drinking water in rural and urban areas are still boiling water and refilling gallons – both are costly for most families. Using Nazava Water Filters is eight times more affordable compared to buying water and three times cheaper than boiling it. Moreover, Nazava’s technology is much more sustainable since it doesn’t produce waste and carbon emissions. The water filtered through Nazava technology is safe to drink and fulfils the WHO standards, thus helping prevent serious diseases and contributing to a better quality of life. Nazava’s filtration technology has been successfully adopted during the cholera outbreaks in Haiti and Zimbabwe.

Currently, Nazava’s main distribution channels include resellers (most of whom are part of women groups) sales teams who also perform important direct marketing tasks. The company also exports its water filters to neighbouring countries, such as Ethiopia, Nepal and Cambodia. Nazava would like to continue expanding its borders, ensuring the supply of safe and affordable drinking water for all.

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Project Definition

Nazava would like NGC consultants to help improve its current sales and distribution strategy, while integrating effective marketing & communications tactics in the process.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.     Develop an effective sales & distribution strategy to meet the company’s goals:

a.     Evaluate Nazava’s current sales & distribution strategy, focusing on the resellers and account manager’s activities

b.     Conduct primary & secondary research to gather best practices from similar industries and identify important KPIs

c.      Propose ways to improve current processes and develop a scorecard to measure success

2.     Develop a marketing & communications strategy to raise awareness about the product benefits and its social impact

3.     Recommend how to effectively integrate new marketing tactics into the sales process