Witioo is a brand new social tech initiative founded by a multidisciplinary and multicultural team from Canada, Taiwan, and Costa Rica. This human centric non-profit enterprise started from a casual discussion among friends about the fatal shooting incident in the US that gave roots to the Black Lives Matter movement. Touched by this event, one of the co-founders, Sébastian Paris, started researching the already existing crime prevention solutions, including the panic buttons and various contingency services. After examining the wide range of human tragedies, he discovered a common pattern that current solutions often fail to tackle, which encompasses the event stages and the time it takes to prevent its escalation. As the result of the ever-increasing population growth and diminishing resources, the response time to tragedies has been rising year by year.  Some states in the US even enforced bans on panic buttons due to the inability to respond to all alarms or arriving at the false ones.

Sébastian and the team have created a technological solution that merges the benefits of the panic buttons, social network, contingency and community services. Witioo is a mobile app that provides crime-preventive geolocation to help citizens find the safest path out of the situation. Any community member can register to volunteer and get notified when someone in the proximity needs help, whether it be a criminal incident or emotional distress. Finally, Witioo partnerships with the government agencies and such organizations, as the Red Cross, will complete a social network that works together to effectively coordinate security management and crime prevention.  

Learn more about Witioo here: http://witioo.alinealab.com/website/

Project description

Witioo has successfully created the working prototype and completed the concept validation. While the enterprise’s core philosophy is to serve the society at no cost, Witioo needs to find the best business model and suitable impact investors to be able to grow globally and develop the technology further. In addition, Witioo would like to collaborate with academic institutions in conducting pilot studies. 

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.     Develop a business model for Witioo to successfully serve the social mission while attracting investment

a.     Analyze similar organizations and their best practices in fundraising and partnership programs

b.     Evaluate Witioo’s current business model and suggest the ways to take it further

2.     Develop a strategy to attract impact investors and involve academic partners

a.     Clarify Witioo’s unique value proposition and KPIs to influence organizations to support the technology

b.     Suggest impact investors who share the similar vision as Witioo and propose effective ways to approach them

c.     Suggest academic institutions which share the similar vision as Witioo and propose effective ways to approach them

The managing team of Witioo incorporate your recommendations when operational, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.