Eco Modelling

Eco Modelling was founded by Andrew B. Martin in 2014 to develop the first web-based forest management planning tool, called Eco. Some of Eco’s features include modelling wood-to-mill in Annual Allowable Cut calculations; being capable of spatially modelling large forests (1 million + hectares); and, less than an afternoon to learn (similar apps require weeks/months of training).

Despite the vast scope of the industry, many forest companies and governments currently plant and manage forest in a fairly chaotic ways, paying little to no attention to soil erosion, animal habitat and local flora, causing a significant drop in sustainability and efficiency. Eco Modelling relies on data science and analytics of the local region, using high resolution information on tree species combination, ecological features, and roads to deliver optimal forest management solutions.

Eco Modelling has already worked across Canada and Europe, picking up great references along the way, thanks to customer focus and grasp of leading edge technology. Forest companies and governments use Eco to evaluate their management options to help them make the best decisions to achieve their goals. For example managing for hazel grouse in the Northern Sweden, assessing the impact of switching to partial cutting management in Southern Ontario, or investigating the profitability of mills in Eastern Canada.

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Project description

At the moment, the Scandinavian / North European markets appear to have sufficient forestry data required for Eco Modelling planning tool. Andrew Martin is considering the best ways to enter those markets and make forest management planning more environmentally sustainable and economically productive.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.     Analyze strategic opportunities for market entry 

a.     Identify current competitors in the Scandinavian / North European market

b.     Identify and evaluate potential client organizations as well as their interests and needs in forest management

c.     Analyze the industry process: establishing contact, timing, relevant stakeholders, signing contracts, etc.

d.     Develop a strategic action plan to approach the client organizations and enter the proposed new markets

The managing team of Eco Modelling will incorporate your recommendations when operational, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.