Parami University

With the vision to create powerful agents of change from all walks of life, a group of young Myanmar professionals with experience in liberal education is planning to establish a private non-for-profit four-year residential university in Myanmar. Myanmar needs new generations of critical thinkers and exemplary leaders, who can communicate effectively, act responsibly, and make positive impacts. Education is the key to cultivating these future leaders.

Parami story goes all the way back to 2003. Three visionary educators established a private non-for-profit school called the Pre-Collegiate Program (PCP), with the mission to cultivate change agents. The school provides liberal education to outstanding students, and instills in them a sense of social responsibility. The graduates of the school went on to study abroad to receive world-class education. The majority of them come back to Myanmar to work for the development of the nation. Extending the mission of PCP, the PCP alumni with experience in liberal education formed Parami University Founding Committee in March 2016 and are now mobilizing resources to establish Parami University of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a private non-for-profit four-year residential university in Myanmar.

Planned to open in 2020, Parami University initially aims to maintain a body of 600 students, with 150-160 students being admitted in each of the four cohorts. In the spirit of the university’s liberal arts and sciences mission, students will take courses in the physical, biological and social sciences, as well as the arts and humanities. Students will be awarded a Bachelor degree (B.A./B.S.) with concentrations of their choice. To ensure academic excellence, Centre College, a leading, liberal arts college in Danville, Kentucky, USA, will help facilitate recruitment of Ph.D. holders from internationally recognized universities.

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Project description

To welcome a class of new students by the opening deadline in 2020, the Parami University has a few crucial milestones to achieve. From the business perspective, the team is seeking to finalize the Business plan, and to identify ways in growing the support from various stakeholders through the means of financial support, endorsements from business leaders, and building partnerships with local and international organizations.
Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.     Analyze the current business plan and develop recommendations for a self-sustainable organizational strategy of the Parami University

a.     Review the current financial model to present to potential donors

2.     Identify global market trends in the similar non-profit liberal arts institutions

a.     Identify the best sponsorship and partnership practices employed by other institutions

b.     Identify the sphere of potentially interested parties that could be involved in supporting the development of the Parami University

c.     Develop strategic recommendations for approaching fundraising and sponsor/ partner-seeking activities

The Parami University team will incorporate your recommendations when operative, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.