Life Project 4 Youth (Spring 2017)

There are currently 1.2 billion Youth aged between 15 and 24. 550 million of them are living below the poverty threshold of $2 a day. Life Project 4 Youth is an organization that strongly believes Young People facing extreme poverty are capable of becoming great entrepreneurs if someone gives them a smile, a supporting work, room to grow, and trust.

LP4Y was founded by a group of European (France, Belgium & Luxemburg) and US entrepreneurs who took on a challenge to set up “Life Project Centers” (LPC) near slum areas in Philippines, Vietnam, India and Indonesia. LP4Y has developed a unique Professional Training for Entrepreneurs (PTE) program, which provides the selected underprivileged Youth with an opportunity to join the 18 month integration ecosystem, and to receive coaching and mentoring from the LP4Y volunteers, as well as professional partners and universities.

Once a Young Adult has been accepted by a coach, he or she is invited to join a team of 15 others, working together on a micro-economic activity. By means of the micro-economic activities developed by each LPC, combined with a specially adapted pedagogy, the Young Adults work as a team on the creation, development and management of a business. The PTE journey is a demanding program structured around 3 pillars of Working, Learning, and Guidance, and is divided into 4 successive stages: Autonomy, Responsibility, Management, and Entrepreneurship. This apprenticeship gives them the keys to managing their own lives and escaping exclusion to achieve a decent existence (employment, accommodation, good health, and education).

LP4Y currently operates Life Project Centers in 16 cities across Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India.

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Project Description

The second follow up project with LP4Y will focus on creating a blueprint for choosing entrepreneurial activities, presenting a positioning study, and identifying partners and organizations LP4Y could work with for their opening of the branch in Nepal.
Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.     Gather and analyze information from the questionnaire of the past and current LP4Y coaches to understand how effective LP4Y is in their pedagogy

a.     Analyze and structure the data results, and present a positioning study

b.     Develop a recommendation outlining patterns

2.     Create a simple framework to explain which methodology to consider in choosing the entrepreneurial activities in different regions

3.     Identify the sphere of potentially interested organizations (NGOs, SEs, Universities, etc.,) that could be involved in supporting LP4Y activities in their opening of the Nepal office

The LP4Y team will incorporate your recommendations when operative, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.