Just Arrived

Just Arrived is a service created to help people who have immigrated to Sweden to quickly find a job. It’s a digital marketplace enabling businesses to easily hire newly arrived immigrants.

Just Arrived is a group of 150 volunteers who have been working evenings and weekends since early autumn 2015 to make Just Arrived a reality. The team represents numerous competences, backgrounds and organizations, but everyone shares the collective goal of making it easier for Newcomers to get a job and the chance to get into Swedish society. The organization is governed by a non-profit foundation working to promote the integration of newly arrived immigrants into the Swedish society. The organization is set up as a pro bono initiative and has been made possible through a number of engaged organizations and individuals providing their resources.

The digital marketplace service provided is free of charge, as Just Arrived doesn’t charge to connect jobseekers and employers – the money billed is paid out to the employee once the organization has paid social fees, insurances and third-party fees (less than 5%). The marketplace system is very simple, consisting of 5 quick steps, taking a total of 6-7 minutes to complete: (1) the employer posts a job vacancy by filling out a simple form, (2) the employee applies for the job, (3) the employer reviews and chooses an applicant (4) the employee confirms he or she will do the job, (5) both parties confirm the work has been carried out.

Just Arrived is already supported by widely recognized partners such as Universum, Antrop, Nova, Frilans Finans, Jansson Norin, and has a strong presence on major social media channels.

Learn more about Just Arrived here: http://justarrived.se/en/

Project description

With the rapid growth and wide acceptance in the Swedish market, the management team of Just Arrived sees an opportunity to extend the digital marketplace service to other regions in Europe.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the consulting team are:

1.     Identify trends in similar platforms and organizations in the global market

a.     Identify the development of innovative business model trends and company partnerships

2.     Identify and evaluate top five markets in Europe for the next market entry

a.     Outline detailed opportunities and threats for the three of five main markets identified

b.     Develop a strategic action plan to enter the proposed new markets

c.     Identify organizations and/or stakeholders that could potentially be involved with the platform in the proposed markets

The managing team of Just Arrived will incorporate your recommendations when operative, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.