Just like many women, KatharINA and FranziSKA, the co-founders of INASKA have been regularly facing the same problem over the years: you own hundreds of bikinis, but none of them fit perfectly. Franziska is a passionate beach volleyball-player who was looking for a reliable sports bikini with a stylish design, while Katharina has long been on the search for a comfortable beach outfit without irritating clasps and knots. These ambitious ladies were united with a common goal to combine fashionable look with the comfort and stability that is necessary for a free range of motion. In one and a half years, they designed and produced a one-of-a-kind product in the heart of Europe: a dependable sports bikini that offers a perfect fit, unfailing support, and appealing look.

In addition to the innovative design, Franziska and Katharina wanted to take a step further and give back to the environment by turning to eco-friendly processes: they design, source, and produce in Portugal to keep the production local. They use only the finest Italian fabrics consisting of 78% ECONYL® yarn, which is made entirely of recycled Polyamide derived from old fishing nets and similar materials. The products are delivered via CO2-neutral shipping to customers worldwide in a reusable sports bag and recycled carton at no extra charge. For each item sold, INASKA donates 20 cents to Surfrider EU. Finally, there is no paper involved in invoicing, as all purchases are made online.

INASKA is still at its early stages of development with a small but mighty team. Currently, the bikinis are mostly sold in Germany, targeting active women aged 18-45 who play beach and water sports. Franziska and Katharina would like to explore new European markets, potentially including France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Portugal.

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Project description

INASKA would like the NGC consultants to brainstorm a creative and feasible strategy to build awareness about its innovative and eco-friendly product within Europe through social media platforms and influencer marketing.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.     Propose online and offline “influencers” who would help promote INASKA and build a community

a.     Define criteria for different types of “influencers” [bloggers, sport communities (beach volleyball, surfing, swimming), NGOs] and their points of interest

b.     Suggest potential partners, including their contact information and recommended approaches

2.     Develop a social media strategy to attract and engage followers (Facebook and Instagram)

a.     Gather best social media practices from similar companies/organizations and analyze their activities (frequency, content, campaigns)

b.     Evaluate INASKA’s current social media activities and suggest budget and time-friendly tactics to implement

The managing team of INASKA will incorporate your recommendations when operational, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future