iBuyFlowers.com is a Dutch initiative to bring fresh flowers to US florist and event planners at a lower price with a mouse click. The platform aims to directly connect florists and event planners to growers around the world in a very accessible and user-friendly way. With the fully automated logistics chain developed by iBuyFlowers, the wholesalers and importers of the traditional flower chain are eliminated, and the transportation time is reduced by 30-50%. The full transparency of the iBuyFlowers logistics chain allows customers to pick the desired source location and enjoy fresh flowers at a lower price. The social impact of the iBuyFlowers platform ranges across many areas: the company works only with (Green) certified growers with labels like: Rainforest Alliance CertifiedVeriFloraBASCFairtradeFlower Label Program (FLP)  in order to protect the human rights of the farm employees, and guarantees payment to the growers within two weeks after shipment, as opposed to 45-60 days in the industry. Also, due to a more efficient logistics strategy, a fair amount of CO2 emissions is saved, no damage is caused to flowers due to repackaging; and fewer flowers are wasted and thrown away during the transportation.

Since the launch of iBuyFlowers in January 2017, the platform has successfully reached over 1,300 customer sign ups. However, for the business to be sustainable, the startup needs to improve on customer loyalty and increase the number of repeat orders. This could be achieved by acquiring customer feedback and incorporating the key insights to make a platform more customer-friendly and easy to use.

Learn more about Eco Modelling here: www.ibuyflowers.com

Project description

NGC has already delivered a strong project to the iBuyFlowers team before the platform launch in Fall 2016. In this follow up project, NGC consultants will help Wilfred bring iBuyFlowers to the next level by finding insights into customer loyalty. To achieve this, they will delve deep into the existing customer data and develop new tools to measure customer satisfaction.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.     Develop tools to effectively measure customer experience with the iBuyFlowers platform

a.     Analyze the orders history and Google Analytics records to derive customer patterns and trends

b.     Conduct a focus group or interviews with 5-10 current customers to gain insights about their experience with the platform

c.     Investigate the reasons why some customers signed up but did not make a purchase

d.     Create a survey for iBuyFlowers to collect feedback to be sent to all clients

2.     Develop recommendations to make the platform more customer-friendly

a.     Define the relevant KPIs to measure the platform’s performance and create a tool to track progress

b.     Examine iBuyFlowers’ home page and suggest several layouts to make it more informative and appealing to first-time visitors

The managing team of iBuyFlowers will incorporate your recommendations when operative, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.