Due to the consequences of the global climate change, cities around the world are getting hotter and hotter, while affecting the sealing of the soil surface. Moreover, the urban population growth has inevitably contributed even further to the microclimate challenges already faced by cities. Unfortunately, the environmental issues are often addressed after-the-fact, rather than being accounted for during early urban planning stages, thus forcing municipalities to spend large amounts of budget to tackle them. In response, the GREENPASS® Technology has been created to provide innovative evaluation tools for climate-resilient city planning to improve lives for city dwellers through the multiple services of Nature Based Solutions (NBS). While claimed as a cheaper alternative to traditional technical solutions for climate change adaptation, NBS remains a luxury for many societies.

Green4Cities was founded in 2014, as a spin-off company after several R&D projects have been conducted at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna, Austria. It is the first international centre of excellence for urban green infrastructure, aiming to bring the innovative technology to people and cities. The GREENPASS® is based on six years of R&D and €4 million in funding. The unique technology connects cutting edge simulations and analytics with planners (architects, construction companies, and municipalities) and allows climate-sensitive project development at every planning level. It also provides tailor-made tools for preliminary, concept and detailed design of city and object development. 

GREENPASS® already has proof of concept, several successful application examples and a solid network of potential partners in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The founders are ready to explore the international market and continue their goal of “growing liveable cities together.”   

Learn more about GREENPASS® here:

Project description

GREENPASS® founders are particularly interested in the Scandinavian and North American markets. They would like NGC consultants to evaluate the attractiveness of different markets and recommend most effective ways to enter them.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.     Analyze strategic opportunities for market entry

a.     Create a strategic framework to measure market attractiveness

b.     Propose the most feasible markets to consider in Scandinavia, in the US, and Canada (states/provinces) as well as the best modes to enter

c.     Identify competitors within selected markets, analyze their value propositions and best practices

d.     Research relevant patent laws (utility patent) within the proposed markets and derive their implications for GREENPASS®

The managing team of GREENPASS® will incorporate your recommendations when operational, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.

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