GIMME360° is a Canadian technology company transforming the way business’ and products interact with their customer. The story of GIMME360° started two years ago, when two high school friends, Josiah Crombie and Lucas Bruno, founded a startup that sold apparel with the purpose of providing developing countries with sustainable sources of water. Crombie and Bruno worked at charities throughout high school. According to them, their experience taught them to rethink how people gave and by doing so with transparency: “We realized that most, if not all organizations do not really present a high level of transparency. When it came to where money was spent most organizations could not give their donors a true path to where their money was going,” says Crombie, “we believe that transparency is key to winning trust in people.” With this thought in mind, the goal of GIMME360° was for the consumers to have “360 degrees” of transparency to track the impact their apparel purchase is making. By providing customers with the exact coordinates to their impact and a virtual reality kit, the team wanted to encourage customers to track project progress. Each clothing item sold contributed to building water wells in developing countries around the world. The item featured specific coordinates to the water well that the customer’s purchase would sponsor. By May 2015, the team expanded and launched a Kickstarter campaign, successfully raising funds to provide 300,000 people in Cambodia with clean water.

GIMME360° has since grown into a C-corporation fully focused on technology. The team believes that augmented reality (AR) is quickly becoming an important technology in the enterprise representing an amazing opportunity to improve the way people interact and communicate with brands. GIMME360° enable users to discover 3D graphics and video content through the GIMME360° app or an integration into a customer's existing app, which could be incorporated in so many aspects of people’s lives, including education, CSR practices, and more.

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Project description

GIMME360 would like to have a tool to educate and show potential partners how AR could make a difference in education/training in Healthcare, Service Maintenance and Retail and corporate social responsibility practices.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Analyse current AR trends and business applications in the global market

a. Identify the development of innovative business models that utilize AR technology that could be relevant for GIMME360°

b. Evaluate different approaches and concepts in recent studies and publications

c. Conduct interviews to gather first-hand knowledge and insights about benefits of AR in education/training and CSR

2. Develop a series of short illustrative business cases based on the conducted research

a. Create an informative and visual brochure to showcase the findings

The managing team of GIMME360° incorporate your recommendations when operational, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future