Brands for Good

Today’s consumer understands better than ever before the threats facing our planet. Millennials are rightly concerned about how climate change, pollution and depletion of the earth’s resources will impact their quality of life. Many people are also deeply troubled by the human rights abuses and child labour in textile manufacturing and the mistreatment of animals in various industries. Into this context, (B4G) was born in Melbourne, Australia, with the millennials and Gen X women at the centre of the target demographic. The site offers beautiful and functional products created by brands with a passion for avoiding harm to people and the planet. It’s the online marketplace for the large segment of consumers who care about their social and environmental footprint. offers participation in a community of brands and consumers who want to collaborate and learn together how to live kindly, sustainably and well. Moreover, 2% of the purchase price is directed to the Bears and Butterflies charitable foundation, reflected in a bi-annual tax-deductible receipt for the consumer. Consumers can choose what type of charitable work this money goes towards and add a donation of their own if they wish to.

B4G owns a fully functional, real time cloud based technology solution, scalable to meet several expansion possibilities. More than 60 brands have signed on to sell their products on the attractive site and provided statements regarding their social and environmental credentials. Most brands are small enterprises, and at this stage fashion and personal care products feature the most with some homewares and consumables available as well. Regular blogs feature brands and the good humans behind the brands plus more reflective and encouraging writing on topical issues in the social and environmental realm. All blogs are crafted to create a sense of community around the common goal of changing our habits to live more sustainably.

Learn more about B4G here: aims to be a global market place where every purchase does good and not harm. To take this to the next level, the company needs helps in reassessing the definition of “good”, based on which it will encourage and support brands which are actively doing good and seeking to do better.
Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.     Develop an understanding of the social & environmental impact businesses make through their practices

a.     Research the global standards in environmental, consumer health, and human & animal rights areas and the respective bodies responsible for them

b.     Gather examples of brands that made negative & positive impacts in the aforementioned areas

c.     Present most relevant findings and their practical implications for B4G

2.     Define the brand selection criteria and find the way to communicate them to customers

a.     Translate the “good” into measurable criteria for B4G to categorize the brands accordingly

b.     Propose an easy-to-use assessment method that addresses the relevant criteria in B4G’s brand selection

c.     Create an effective communication tool to help B4G consumers make purchases based on the impact areas most important to them

The managing team of B4G will incorporate your recommendations when operational, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.