The company behind be.ENERGISED has been working on the future of E-mobility since 2013. Their software, be.ENERGISED, is the innovation leader in Europe with it’s cloud-based management- and billing solution for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. With offices in Radstadt/Salzburg and Vienna in Austria, be.ENERGISED operates more than 5,000 charge points in the European market. It is used by many well-known enterprises throughout Europe like Swisscom, Volkswagen, E-Wald, EWE, Tiwag and Alpiq. With be.ENERGISED Enterprise large networks of charging stations can be maintained and operated. Electric vehicle drivers can pay at the charging stations either with a subscription, per invoice or with the pay-as-you-go function using credit cards or Paypal.

The be.ENERGISED team is particularly proud that their work represents an active contribution against increasing CO2 Emissions. With traffic being responsible for 36% of emissions, it is a high time for a change. The innovative concepts of be.ENERGISED are not parked in the drawer – they have been finished, have been tested and they are working. By optimizing the charging process, be.ENERGISED brings the necessary impetus to the growth of the electric car.  

be.ENERGISED has been nominated for the Austrian State Prize in 2015, the Constantinus Award in 2014, the recent nomination for the Constantinus Award 2016 and the Green Business Award 2014.

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Project Description







be.ENERGISED has a vision to be the leading service provider for transactions for energy and mobility in Europe. To stay ahead of the curve and to continue producing innovative solutions, the be.ENERGISED team needs to have a solid understanding of the global trends and constantly developing environment of the e-mobility industry. On the strategic development side, be.ENERGISED is looking for opportunities to expand their reach across Europe by entering the next 3 promising markets.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the consulting team are:

1.     Identify market trends in the global e-mobility sector

a.     Identify the development of innovative business model trends in the global market

b.     Evaluate different approaches and concepts (for urban vs. rural regions)

c.     Analyze current e-mobility / charging / car-sharing / e-bikes / e-rental mobile applications on the market

2.     Analyze strategic opportunities for market entry 

a.     Evaluate presence in the current markets and present deeper analysis to expand within Europe

b.     Outline detailed opportunities and threats for the 3 main markets identified

c.     Develop a strategic action plan to enter the proposed new markets


The managing team of be.ENERGISED will incorporate your recommendations when operative, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.