Unverschwendet follows the mantra “Use what you have” and is focusing on fighting the waste of food by using over-capacities from its partners. Through cooperation with multiple producers such as farms, Unverschwendet sources high-quality but otherwise unnecessarily discarded raw materials to produce a portfolio of jams, jellies, chutneys and syrups. Combining these raw materials to innovative and well-tasting products, Unverschwendet positioned itself in the premium segment and enables its customers to eat in an eco-friendly way. As billions of tons of food are lost along the supply chain worldwide due to seasonal over-capacities and/or not meeting the standards in order to be sold in supermarkets, Zero Waste Jam is committed to elevate the awareness for thoughtful use of our naturally given resources.

You can learn more about Unverschwendet here: http://www.zerowastejam.com/en/


Project Description

Founded less than a year ago, Unverschwendet experienced significant growth and has hit its current capacities. The organization faces challenges that will impact the future of the business and as a result, is about to initiate major changes across all levels and functional areas of the company. Critical aspects of this undertaking being a sound Corporate strategy, sustainable scaling and a stable financial situation, Unverschwendet plans to outline a new strategy and define the scope of their operations accordingly.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Develop the Corporate strategy for Unverschwendet and outline the most important KPIs such as turnover, profitability, size of operations, etc.

a. Develop a suitable Corporate strategy building on current business operations and overarching aims of Unverschwendet

b. Create an organigram and outline the necessary scale of operations and stakeholders involved in order to operationalize the Corporate strategy

2. Evaluate financial requirements and ideal financial structure to accomplish the aims of the Corporate strategy

a. Outline financial requirements tailored to the needs of Unverschwendet

b. Provide fundamental recommendation on debt/equity ratio and possible steps to achieve it

The management of Unverschwendet will incorporate your recommendations when operative, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.