Positive Energy

Positive Energy offers a software plus beacon system that helps analyzing energy usage and recommending ways to consume energy more efficiently. Focusing on residential and commercial buildings, Positive Energy uses its beacon technology, which has humidity, heat, light and carbon dioxide sensors, together with its cloud-based software system to analyze energy usage based on human behavior. Users can then use recommendations from the system to increase energy efficiency.

Through partnerships with energy companies and energy automation companies, Positive Energy fosters energy-awareness. Furthermore, Positive Energy is very active in prototyping and R&D. Originally from Turkey, the award-winning business is currently expanding to multiple European countries.

You can learn more about Positive Energy here: http://www.positivenerji.com


Project Description

Positive Energy’s main target for the upcoming years is to establish Business Centers in European markets to benefit from economies of scale. As such, the German market is a key to the overall success of the enterprise.

Positive Energy needs to quickly grasp essentials of the German market and outline key indicators for establishing a profitable presence. Hence it is necessary to outline a business model that is tailored to the German market and highlight regions and clusters of specific interest for the company.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Define the business strategy of Positive Energy in Germany and outline a business model to offer highest value to clients by doing market research and benchmarking against other players in the field.

a. Develop a business model for the German market

b. Give advice on key USPs for potential target groups and on how to utilize them best

2. Develop an action plan for Positive Energy outlining the most promising regions to conduct business

a. Conduct market research and recommend regions for expansion

The managing team of Positive Energy will incorporate your recommendations when operative, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.