Jyoti - Fair Works

Jyoti - Fair Works is driving the economical empowerment of Indian women through the production of fair fashion and accessories. Producing locally in India and having their sales operations located in Germany, Jyoti -­ Fair Works genuinely values fairness along its entire supply chain. 

Committed to elevate the quality of life, to provide training and education and to enable women to live a self-­ determined life, Jyoti ‐ Fair Works particularly focuses on the people who have produced the products, offering fair wages and a secure position in the company. Clothing and accessories are typically made out of recycled, ecologically, and equitably produced materials. 

You can learn more about RetroBrain R&D at http://jyoti-fairworks.org/

Project Description

Having completed the first steps of the transition process from NGO to Social Enterprise, Jyoti - Fair Works aims at establishing a new brand identity. Building on this new Marketing strategy, Jyoti – Fair Works plans to reach new target groups, further penetrate existing target groups and evaluate and improve its Marketing operations in Germany overall.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Develop the Marketing strategy for Jyoti - Fair Works and outline key brand values: Develop new brand identity and Marketing strategy, integrating Corporate Identity, existing Marketing efforts and buyer studies

2. Outline target groups and identify potential distribution channels to reach them

3. Draft a Marketing campaign specifically tailored to the target groups and distribution channels of Jyoti – Fair Works