Healing a Child’s Heart

Healing a Child’s Heart is a non-profit organization that aims to provide free surgery to indigent children in the Middle East that are born with a congenital heart disease. Often victims of devastating wars, these children find themselves living in poverty, away from their families and home country, and in desperate need of heart surgery.

Healing a Child’s Heart’s target groups are those living in the United Nations and International refugee camps in northern Jordan. Having already healed the hearts of 30 children who were not entitled to this kind of surgery due to a lack of social security coverage, Healing a Child’s Heart builds upon skilled volunteers and the 35+ years of surgical experience of Giancarlo Crupi who received several awards for his achievements in the field of international cooperation for paediatric cardiac surgery. By regularly conducting missions to the Middle East and locally conducting surgeries, the approach of Healing a Child’s heart is very cost-efficient and enables a significantly higher amount of surgeries relatively compared to similar organizations.

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Project Description

Healing a Child heart’s long-term goal is to develop a permanent program of international cooperation together with two other non-profit organizations: New York-based Gift of Life and Amman-based Palestine for Medical Coverage. By doing so, the launch of a program of continuing medical education in specialized fields will establish a self-sustaining system. However, particularly funding for medical facilities and equipment is required for this sort of investment. Hence, Healing a Child’s heart needs to utilize the most effective and most efficient ways to promote the organization, particularly to donors.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.       Evaluate the ROI and potential reach of Marketing activities to acquire donations across different channels (online campaigns, etc.) and highlight possible improvements

  • Benchmark potential reach and ROI of different channels against each other and other NGOs

2.       Elaborate on the size of donor target groups (B2B, banks, etc.) and their stake in donations to identify ideal groups to target

  • Conduct market research and identify most important target groups for raising funds
  • Derive recommendations on future Marketing investments and develop an ideal channel mix to maximize ROI