Groasis Tech

Pieter Hoff aims at causing the reforestation of 2 billion hectares (5 billion acres) of degraded farmland by 2075. He has founded Groasis Tech to develop the necessary technology to do so, and is in the process of founding the Treesolution Foundation to demonstrate that reforestation at large scale is feasible. By planting the “African Great Green Wall” (a corridor of trees of 7,100 km length), desertification in sub-Saharan Africa will be stopped while opportunities for local employment, education and entrepreneurship are created.

The Groasis Technology is a biomimicry methodology, a planting technology that combines multiple drivers to stimulate trees to grow with minimum use of energy or water - and after a 10-year-trial period has a survival rate of more than 90%. Reforestation can be done without expensive irrigation. In order to balance the interests of mankind and nature, a combination of economically and ecologically interesting trees will be planted. Having drawn interest from multiple MNCs as well as Oprah Winfrey, Groasis offers the key to combat erosion and help revitalise rural areas while sustainably producing products and food and disconnecting approx. 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare.

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You can learn more about the book "The Treesolution" that outlines the wider context and underlying principles at


Project Description

Having established its presence particularly in Senegal and Ethiopia, Groasis’ aims at establishing a sustainable system to distribute, plant and maintain trees in order to follow the overarching aim of planting the “African Great Green Wall”. Building on the support of local partners and a new technology that enables the planting of vegetables bellow trees, entrepreneurship is perceived as the key to success. A solid business case shall serve as blueprint for local entrepreneurs across boarders and highlight the advantages of partnering with Groasis.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1. Develop an independent business model, outlining KPIs, financial forecasts and highlighting the most important aspects of becoming an entrepreneur in a compelling yet simple form.

a. Identify critical aspects of becoming an entrepreneur in Senegal and Ethiopia, leveraging on existing business cases

b. Develop a self-sustaining, independent business case for local entrepreneurs

c. Highlight main KPIs and establish feasible financial scenarios for different scales of operation

2. Identify opportunities for Groasis to expand its distribution system to other countries

a. Integrate existing and potential partners and outline action plan to enter the next two markets

The managing team of Groasis and the Treesolution Foundation will incorporate your recommendations when operative, tactical and strategic decisions are to be made in the near future.