Fundación Moderna

Fundación Moderna is working on the new Economic Development Model for the Spanish region of Navarra, a strategic plan that promotes change towards a knowledge-based economy, specialized in the areas of health economics, green economics and talent economics. The aim of Fundación Moderna is to place Navarra among the top 20 European regions in GDP per capita through promoting and facilitating entrepreneurship in the areas mentioned.

Fundación Moderna aims at establishing a stable and sustainable ground for entrepreneurs in their respective fields and promotes the improvement of management quality. As new business models and innovative ideas in health, education and green economies not just create employment but positively impact society overall, entrepreneurs will transform wealth into social wellbeing and cohesion. Hence, Fundación Moderna is a very important corner stone of a region’s effort to foster economic growth and elevate the quality of living.

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Project Description

Fundación Moderna’s main target for the upcoming years is to foster growth by facilitating knowledge sharing across three industrial core sectors and creating space for collaboration. Hence, learning from established industrial clusters and benchmarking against them in order to outline recommendations and a feasible action plan is perceived as an invaluable step towards impacting growth within the region of Navarra.

Specific recommendations to be developed by the Consulting team are:

1.       Establish a solid best and worst practice guide outlining critical aspects for success of establishing industrial clusters

  •  Conduct market research on clusters in other countries/regions and extract key aspects of success and failure

2.       Outline comprehensive action plan specifically tailored to the region of Navarra

  • Gain overview on structure and most important aspects of health, educational and environmental sector and entrepreneurial activities in the region of Navarra
  • Derive locally adapted recommendations on how to best manage clusters and facilitate knowledge sharing