Villageboom is a social enterprise aiming to bring affordable solar light to off-grid villages in Africa. Villageboom designs, manufactures and markets highly affordable solar lamps to people without access to electricity.

These solar lamps are constantly improved and upgraded for perfection. Currently, the company is selling the third generation solar lamps launched in 2013. Solar entrepreneurs who live in off-grid villages distribute these solar lamps. To help more people in off-grid villages to become a solar entrepreneur, we want to sell Villageboom lamps online and use the profit to fund the start-up capital of new entrepreneurs. One starter kit consists of business kit, toolbox, training and 25 solar lamps as working capital. Each funded starter kit creates a new job as solar entrepreneur.

1) Develop an e-commerce strategy for selling Villageboom solar lamps on-line in USA and UK, targeting the African expats. There are at least 3 million Nigerian expats living in USA and the UK. Many of them have still strong connections to relatives living in Africa. Rather than sending them only money, we will try urging them to buy a Villageboom solar lamp online, which is then delivered to their relatives in Africa. 100% of the profit of these online sales will then be used as start-up capital for new solar entrepreneurs in developing countries.

2) Define what should be shown on the web site so that on-line buyers of the Villageboom solar lamps see the actual impact of their funding. Define the processes, how this information/data can be obtained.