Places4All (SSF) is a social enterprise based in Portugal. Places4All's Evaluation System, Information Classification and Conditions Accessibility Assessor in physical spaces and seeks to find, recognise and disclose information spaces or events with the best conditions for accessibility and to ensure the greatest degree of autonomy to the greatest number of people possible promoting equal opportunities in mobility and choice to all people who seek accessibility, especially people with mobility challenges, visual, auditory and cognitive.

The whole process of assessment, classification and information has the collaboration of people with some kind of limitation or disability. Places4All aims to join all owners of spaces open to the public (housing, commerce, culture and leisure, events, catering, and health services) who want to differentiate themselves in a particular city or region through good practices regarding the conditions of accessibility, joining a network that ensures and certifies that place have good accessibility. Read more here

Places4All has a completely new concept of assessing and promoting the improvement of accessibility of impaired population in Portugal. Places4All aims to raise awareness about the inaccessibility of public places in general for impaired people. They want to achieve this, through the creation of a quasi-certificate of accessibility for which they have all the insider knowledge and all the expertise.

The mission of this specific project is to link all the stakeholders, i.e. the companies or the subjects interested in being fully-accessible with the people suffering from any kind of disadvantage as well as the general public and media, whose opinion should be averted.

The specificities of this project focus on a creation of a full marketing campaign. It gives the students/consultants to gain an incredible opportunity to be at the start of something new and brilliant.

  • Marketing Campaign
    • Target group
    • Media definition
    • Reach
    • etc.
  • Marketing Campaign Financial Plan
  • Marketing Campaign Timeline