Impact Hub Barcelona

Impact Hub Barcelona is a “hub” of talent for change, a major cell of the emerging ecosystem of social innovation. It is a place where people working for a better world meet and co-create a more social, green and human economy. A network of networks (Impact Hub), extending over the biggest global community of social entrepreneurs, with more than 7,000 members from 60+ cities across all continents. And all that in a magic space right at the heart of the Barcelona, with the objective to redesign the city and the world. 

As a community, Impact Hub allows different stakeholders such as the entrepreneurs, partners, sponsors or media to collaborate to achieve their goals in order to create solutions that improve life quality and economic sustainability in the city. This network can help projects to become successful and to achieve a larger impact on society. Read more here.

Impact Hub Barcelona's main target for the following years is to increase its presence in Barcelona, helping the creation and growth of Social Enterprises in the city while at the same time continue growing to maximise their impact. With this objective, the organization wants to take into consideration what are the best practices accomplished by other Hubs in the world as well as to learn from the non-successful practices. This will allow them to focus their actions and efforts towards projects and activities that have proved to be successful for the goals of Impact Hub. The specific project to be developed by the Consulting team is:

  1. Generate a benchmark of the best and worst practices within the global Impact Hub organisation (from a selection of Impact Hub chapters).
    + Study what actions have helped other Hubs to become successful
    Learn from actions or projects that should be avoided by Impact Hub    Barcelona
  2. Aggregate the information and generate a proposal on what Impact Hub Barcelona could do to increase its impact. It always has to be adapted to the specific needs of the city.

This recommendation and strategy proposal will be incorporated by the managing team of Impact Hub Barcelona to define the 2015 strategy and action plan.