50+ Successfully Completed Projects

NGC has been consulting enterprises since 2013.

Credit: Instagram @felixplakolbdotcom

Credit: Instagram @felixplakolbdotcom

Our teams have consulted enterprises from all over the globe

Social and environmental organizations turn to us with a wide range of challenges. Our consultants are experienced young professionals with excellent foundations in international business, and they are using their resources to give the best answers..
The past projects are covering a diverse range of themes, some of the questions we got to answer so far are:

  • What is the most efficient sales and distribution strategy for water filters in developed countries? (Nazava)

  • What are the best markets to enter with a dried mango product, ensuring that margins are kept at a level, where profits can be reinvested in the community? (Nyanja - Global Farmers Market)

  • What is the best business model for a smart energy organization leveraging AI technology? (BEAD - Positive Energy)

Find out about our previous project scopes, by clicking on the companies` logos below.

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